hello unwelcome to my cave

this is yunfan's freaking cave!!!

here im talking about some points which I came up with in a discord server with my friends. im kidding i came up with them on my own, who would have friends anyways?

1. eggs.

here we go i'm going to talk about eggs. eggs are pretty great now im going to list why:
 	1. they're better than non-eggs.
 	2. they contain yolk
	3. they're an affordable source of protein
	4. they make great presents for chickens
with all the points listed, i don't know what else i should do. maybe i could just become a egg? egg army ay here we go.

2. chicken eggs

chicken eggs. what can i say except that they're like eggs but just made of chicken?

3. mugwumps

mugwumps. mugwumps is a pretty funny word not gonna lie its spelling is great. the word is weird just like everything else

4. toilets

so, toilets. I can classify them into three major categories: clean, unflushed, and the ones with people pissing on the floor. otherwise known as the gas station toilets. those suck. toilet etiquette is the most important factor in life. if you have bad toilet etiquette, i think you should die. i swear if you piss on the sink, then what the hell shitmonger. you should be ashamed of that!!!!!